Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Explosion of Flavor

So what better way to celebrate July 4th than by making "cutsie" red, white, & blue cuppyyycakesss!
So of course, being the obsessed cupcake baker I'am, I search on Pinterest and Wahh Lahh, I found the cutest recipe for Patriotic Cupcakes.

Here's the recipe:
4th of July Cupcakes

After preparing all the the batter, adding colors, & baking, I open the oven to find 11 out of my 12 cupcakes splattered throughout my oven! The cupcakes EXPLODED! You read it right, exploded! The inside of my oven looked as if America's colors had thrown up in it. (Okay, but seriously, there was patriotic batter covering every inch of my oven) But I did manage to rescue one cupcake, but rest assure, it's as ugly as sin.

Even though my cupcakes are ugly, I promise you this recipe does work ( I have made these cupcakes before!) They taste delicious & usually turn out pretty cool. Unfortunately, the kitchen got the best of me, because I have no idea where I went wrong..

Anyway, thought I'd share my not so "cutsie" cupcakes with y'all. What are your plans??
Happy July 4th! & thank you to all that have fought for our freedom, past & present!

And a special thanks to my two wonderful brothers! Thank you for everything you have done.
 Love you!



  1. Doozer,

    You are more than welcome, you know we will always be there for you!

  2. Oh and btw exploding cupcakes sounds like something I would do, except mine would probably be on purpose! Happy 4th!

    1. I know , right!? Can't wait to see you friday!!

  3. Wow. Kind of like fireworks? Well, as long as they taste good, if you can eat them.
    I just started following you. I love your blog, it so pretty, and funny. Follow me back if you like my blog.

    1. Awe thank you : ) I hope you'll come back! I'd love to check out your blog & follow!



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