Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Link Up.

I decided to link up with Chalk In The Rain & answer the "Is That Normal" questions.
But here's the catch! You have to also ask the questions to a guy in your life.
So meet Seth.
Obviously he gave all the "HIM" answers.

1. Is it normal for 2 men to hug?

ME: Well sure, if they know each other of course! Isn't that how guys greet each other anyway? (Insert cool handshake, chest bump, & one of those "bro" hugs.)

HIM: Yeah I think so! Men mainly hug to greet one another if they haven't seen each other in a long time. If it's more than one in one meeting, i'd be worried.

2. Is it normal to gag on your toothbrush while brushing?
ME: Are you sticking your toothbrush down your throat? Ha!

HIM: Haha yes it is. Some people have really sensitive gag reflexes just by brushing their teeth but most gag when they brush their tongue.

3. Is it normal to wear the same bra daily?

ME: Depends on the top I'm wearing & what type of bra you wear it with. But ewww don't go wearing the bra you profusely sweat in & stink up from the day before. Icky.

HIM: You're asking the wrong person, toots.

4. Is it normal for grown women to frequently use the words "like" or "um" while speaking?

ME: Yup. Yupppp. Yuppperrrss.. Sadly these two words are used too frequent when some grown women speak.

HIM: Haha yes unfortunately even though it drives me crazy!!!

5. Is it normal to eat cake batter/ dough?
ME: Duh. Where do you think half the batter goes when I'm baking? Just kidding. Kinda sorta.

HIM: Cake no! But cookie dough is a different story!! ( Insert big smile) : )

6. Is it normal to go "commando" in public/at work?

ME: Sure, I guess? But I sure don't.

HIM: Different guys have different preferences.

7. Is it normal to have long toenails?

ME: Ew. Ewww. Ewwww. Cut those bad boys! Pronto.

HIM: No! Keep those suckers cut at all times!!

8. Is it normal to try on an article of clothing in the middle of the store?

ME: It just depends on the article of clothing. But sure!

HIM: Ummm if you really like it, yes.

ME: So you'd try on pants in the middle of the store?!

HIM: You know it!!

ME:  You're nuts.

9. Is it normal to tell someone to be quiet or "shhhh" someone in a quiet setting? ie. church, movie theater, meeting, etc.

ME: Of course! Everyone needs to be respectful of others and our surroundings.

HIM: Ha! I think it's better to tell them to shut up

ME: Always a charmer, Seth.

10. Is it normal to change clothes multiple times before leaving the house?

ME: That's every girl's biggest habit in my opinion. But oh well  : )

HIM: For girls, yes. For guys, no. If guys did, it'd be a little to feminine.


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  1. Just found you from Lauren's page. Great blog! Love your layout/colors.

    1. Thank you so much : ) I love your blog! It's so cute, and I love the zebra print!!
      Definitely going to follow!

  2. ha ha great answers...poor Seth gets roped into these things often huh?

    1. He sure does. He's such a trooper : )

  3. Hi! New follower! Found you from a linkup :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by and following : ) I'd love to go check out your blog!

  5. It's ALWAYS funny to compare the ways men and women after questions. Haha! This was a fun little link-up/interview.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I tried to reply to your comment via e-mail, but your e-mail address is linked to your Blogger profile. Make sure you link it up! It's the only way other bloggers can conveniently respond to you. :-)

  6. Oh thank you for the helpful suggestions!! I think I figured out to fix it! Hopefully it works now: )

  7. just came across your blog and it is totally cute. i'm a new follower!! this looks so fun id love to try it with my boyfriend!

    i would love if you could check out my blog and follow back!!

    1. Awe thanks! & yea it's fun to see what their answers are : )

      I would love to check out your blog & follow back!

      I hope you come back soon : )



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