Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet Carissa, from Eskimo Kisses.

Eeeeek : ) Happy Friday Everyone!
Today we have one lovely lady taking over! I'm so excited to introduce y'all to one of my favorite bloggers.
She has the cutest blog, shares all about her life as a new wifeyy, is super sweet, and has the most adorable family. So here she is..

Meet Carissa, from Eskimo Kisses.

Introduce yourself & tell us a little bit about your blog.
Hello there! My name is Carissa and I am a silly redheaded girl going on 21 and already married to my high school sweetheart, Michael. He is a firefighter in the military and if you're familiar with the military then you know they make a lot of the decisions, like where you live for example, and they decided we should live in Anchorage, Alaska of all places! Our first choice? No. But we're learning that it doesn't really matter where we live because I swear being newlyweds would be fun in a cardboard box. I blog about marriage, Alaska, our Saint Bernard puppy Walter, decorating and learning how to be a good wifey.

Who or What inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging in 2010 when I first started reading A Beautiful Mess... who ISN'T inspiring by Elsie, right? Her blog was so pretty and quirky that it got my creative juices flowing and I just had to start a blog. I also craved a space where I could document emotions and events in my life that I, otherwise, would've forgotten.

What blog is a daily read for you?
There is no way I can choose just one. I love to go through a ton of blogs each day when I get on my laptop. Here's a quick list: Dear Family, Busy Bee Lauren, Dear Opal, His Little lady, all of the girls linked on my blog and more. And Kaitlin of course (duh!).

What do you do when you're not blogging?
Other than hanging out with my little family, I love to go thrifting. It's so fun to take an old crummy piece of furniture and make it into something you love! For example, the bed shown in the photo was a $200 cherry wood bed frame and I almost didn't give it a second thought until I realized I could give it a major makeover, so that's what I did and I am in love. I also enjoy crafting, painting and drawing.

What's one thing you've learned through blogging that you want to share with fellow bloggers?
Keep writing! So many times I wanted to stop because I felt like nobody was reading it. If I did quit then I would've missed out on so many great friendships I've made through blogging. When I made time for writing regularly I enjoyed it so much more. And guess what? I got more readers by doing that too. Also, don't be afraid to reach out to your favorite bloggers! Shoot them an email introducing yourself and I bet they'll be thrilled to meet a reader.

Thanks Carissa for taking over today : )
Now I think it's about that time that y'all go check out her lovely blog!!
(I disabled the comments so that you can go check out her blog and say hi!)


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