Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Fall Wreath

I'm so excited to share my new fall wreath with you. I always loved fall wreath's but never got around to buying one for my apartment. Then the other day I stumbled upon this cute DIY Winter Wreath, and decided to make it my own : )

This was super easy to make and there are endless amounts of color combos you could choose from to fit any holiday or season!

All you need is ..
A wreath ( I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.99)
Felt ( I chose to use 3 different colors, 1/2 a yard of each color)
Hot glue gun (Already had)

Start off by cutting all different size circles and then cut into a swirl pattern *shown above.
 ( They don't have to be perfect, I think it makes the flower look better when it's not perfect.)
Once you cut the circle, take the end with the smallest point and roll towards you.

 Here are how my flowers turned out.

Then put a dab of hot glue to the back of the flower.

Last, hot glue the flowers onto your wreath.
* I found it looked fuller when you glued some of the flowers on the side as well.

Now mine is pretty plain, I like things to look simple, not super busy.
But you could add rhinestones, ornaments, leaves, etc.

Hope your inspired :)


  1. really pretty! and super easy too. my kind of craft

    1. Thanks!! It is definitely super easy!! & was a lot of fun to make!

  2. I love this and it looks so easy to make!

    1. It was very easy! I love that people can literally add any color or item to it. Endless possibilities when it comes to this kind of craft " ) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love this! new follower here :) thanks for the inspiration... I've been craving a new DIY!


    1. Awe yay : ) Let me know if you try it and how yours turns out!!

  4. I am inspired!! I need to learn how to be more crafty!!

  5. i am so inspired! this is absolutely adorable, good job! those roses are perfect.



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