Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

My handsome man's birthday was this weekend! 
Happy Birthday Sethhhers.
His birthday happened to fall on the same day as the release of the iPhone5.
You know what that means?
I woke up at 3 a.m.
Wore my new Victoria Secret sweatpants.
Packed my lawn chair.
Wrapped myself in my princess blankieeee.
& camped out.

I was number 9 in line!!

Let's just say he was a happy camper when I surprised him at work with his brand spankin' new phone 30 minutes after it was released to the public.

After work, I picked him up and took him back to the store, where he got to pick out a spiffy new case.
He went with the Black Otter Box Commuter Case.

Our next adventure lead us to dinner at  HB Steakhouse. One of our favorite places, since we've been addicted to hibachi restaurants lately.
Fried rice with garlic butter, teriyaki steak, grilled shrimp, sushi, and sake. Mmmm mmm good.

Our fun festivities of course continued!! More celebrating!

Selfie in the car on the way to the Apple store.

We caved and bought Apple Tv. We're obsessed.

We went with my family to Hubbell and Hudson!
This is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast at!!

Our fresh fruit and greek yogurt cup.

My tasty pancakes.

Seth's four cheese omelette.

What's really cool about this place, is the fact that it has a specialty market attached to its bistro.
As we walked past the fish market, one of the men asked if we wanted to hold one of the lobsters.
Clearly I said no. So I volunteered Seth! Whoops.

Later, we went on a snow cone run. 
So much for the first day of fall.
Black cherry for me. Tigers blood for Seth.

& to top off the weekend.. 
a homemade cookie cake.
(Clearly, we love food.)

Such a fun birthday weekend.
Love you Seth.


  1. wow girl you went ALL out :) want to help me figure something out to give my husband for his golden birthday next month?! haha :) great pictures too! so happy everything worked out!

  2. I love HB yum! We have an apple TV it 2 years ago. We love it...pretty much use it every day! we stream our music through will get plenty of use out of it I am sure!

  3. What a lucky guy!! My mouth is watering look at all that food. I want it ALL! So glad the day was a success!

  4. haha my goodness!!! Get all that money spending out of your system before you move out, lady!!! lol you're too darn cute, Miss Kaitlin

  5. Wow you're an awesome girlfriend!! It sounds like you guys had a great time!



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