Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Starbucks Glitter Tumbler

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I came across this fun DIY project while browsing Pinterest this weekend, and I couldn't help but share! Take your ordinary Starbucks Tumbler and turn it into something FABULOUS!
 (Okay Okay.. Glittery)


Clear Starbucks Tumbler: $7.99 at Starbucks (ON SALE RIGHT NOW)
Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive: $5.99 at Hobby Lobby
ANY COLOR Glitter: $2.99 at Hobby Lobby


Step 1: Unscrew the larger cup from the smaller cup.

Step 2: Spray the INSIDE of the SMALLER cup.
 (Hold at least 6 inches away so that the spray doesn't build up and become cloudy

Step 3: Pour glitter in the cup & shake until your hearts content or at least until the cup is completely covered with glitter! 
(It helps if you put a piece of cardboard over the top when you shake so you don't turn out looking like a sparkly disco ball all covered in glitter)

Step 4: Let glitter dry for 30-45 minutes! (Don't you dare touch the inside of that cup!)

TA-DA!! Your cup is finished! Screw the cups back together & enjoy!!


  1. OOOO I like this idea!!! I might have to try it!! :) By the way I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Go here and check out the rules!!

  2. That is so cute! I need to go see if one of our Starbucks' have any in stock on sale!

  3. That is the absolute cutest thing!!

  4. Oh my goodness I am doing this!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OMG SO Cute!! I have to try this!

  6. My husband just started using my Starbucks cold cup, do you think he's appreciate the glitter? ;)

    I'm a new follower, I found you at The Vintage Modern Wife!

  7. I don't understand why you would spray paint and glitter-ize the inside of the cup that would contain your liquid though...what if some of the glitter comes off in your drink??

    1. The glitter is sandwiched between the two walls of the doesn't touch the liquid..

  8. I love this! Can't wait to try.

  9. Cute! Love the picture with your dog! :-) I did this as well (inspired by Pinterest as well!)

    Check out my blog:



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