Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear BoBo, sorry i'm not sorry for constantly taking goofy pictures of you on the Ipad.

Dear Ellie Bear, puppy class is for learning tricks and obedience. Not for passing gas and sprawling out on the tile floor while profusely licking the air. Let's work on that shall we? (Sorry if that's TMI)

 Dear Blog, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway on you. You like?

 Dear Color Run, it's time for you to open registration because I'm so excited to sign up and participate. I'm letting Seth tag along again (mainly so I can chunk pink powder in his face!!) Oops.

Dear Apple TV, I love you. I should be telling Seth that (since he's the one who bought you) but seriously, you're amazing.

Dear Seth's Parents, thank you . thank you. thank you. Without y'all, Seth's big Iphone surprise would've never happened. Words cannot express how thankful I'am for y'all helping make it happen!

 Dear Rain, normally I'd tell you to stay the heck away and take the humidity with you. But I kinda like grabbing a warm cup of coffee, my favorite blankiee, and cuddling up with the pups when you're here, so you should just stay a little while longer. 

 Dear Mom & Dad, I love you. I love Disney World. I love when you take me to Disney World.
 (Hint Hint) 
 Mad Hatter. Tink. Alice.
Disney Halloween 2011

Dear Sethhhers, there's no rule that says you can't celebrate a "birthday week." So get excited!! 
Two surprises are calling your name when you get here.


  1. How have I not taken ridiculous photos of my dog with my iPad/Phone yet?! Thanks for the idea! Have a great weekend girl!

  2. I registered for the color run back in July. I heard that they already sold out (at least in Houston)... :(

  3. That color run looks like fun! Wonder if they have one around Chicago. Love the picture of Bobo.

  4. Birthday week is definitely necessary!! I HAVE to do the Color Run next year- so sad I missed out this time. It seriously looks like the most fun! And that dog picture cracked me up! Too funny!

  5. I'd say birthday month! :) So stinkin' cute!! Just came across your blog, can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :)

  6. Love this post! Your dog is so cute haha :) And I agree with Karly, birthday month is much better haha :)

  7. aren't weenie dogs the BEST? we have 2 and they're just precious...and by the way, I've always wanted to do a color run....I missed this one last year :(



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