Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Evil Pumpkins


                                                         This   weekend Sethhykinsss & I went to the PUMPKIN PATCH! Of course, I took too many pictures. What can I say? He's a trooper. Or maybe he's just used to it. But either way, I love him for that. 


Here is the design I chose! Cruella de Vil. Click HERE for the free stencil.

& Seth chose, Oogie Boogie, from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I promised to give him full credit for Cruella's face. No way could I do that mess. Plus, I'm pretty sure we discovered that he is a professional pumpkin carver. Boy was blessed with skills. Ha.

Wahhhh Laaaaaa.
Our pumpkins!


  1. Your pumpkins look SO GOOD!!!! That is NOT easy! Aww looks like fun!


  2. I want to decorate a pumpkin, that looks like so much fun : )

  3. Fun! Those came out great! We are heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend :)



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