Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hannah, I miss you. I miss you so much. You were such a sweet dog, companion, and friend. You were apart of our family and friend's lives for 16 wonderful years. You never failed to give us a good laugh, whether you let us put your ears in "pigtails," put you in my cat bag and drag you around, or wound you up to become ole snarly at Hailey. It's so sad to know you won't be there to greet me the next time I go home.  But what is so great, is that you lived such a long happy life. We will never forget you. Rest in peace, sweet girl.

Dear College, you made these last two weeks brutal. Stop it. Of course, I survived. Made it out alive and passed. Not only passed, but passed with flying colors. Now, please give a girl a break. There's enough going on right now, so please lighten the stress/workload.

Dear Hair, I must ask you a question. Is life better when being a blonde or a brunette?

Dear Paranormal Activity 4, even though people think you're stupid, or lame, or just like the last 3 movies. I have a different perspective. I think the movies before you were terrifying, and from your previews, you look just as scary. Please don't make me so scared I have to pee my pants in the middle of the movie. Oh! & please let me get a good night's sleep. ( Who am I kidding? I'll be watching Disney movies all night after watching that mess.)

Dear Blog,  you need a serious makeover.

Dear Birthday, I'm excited to see what's in store for you next week.

Dear Friday, I love you. Why, you ask? Because you bring this kid to me.



  1. so sorry to hear about your sweet dog :( I know it's like losing a family member, 16 years is a good long life, may her sweet little soul rest in peace <3

  2. oh honey I am sorry to hear about Nan dog, just know shes in heaven with Crystal dog causin trouble for all the squirrels and ducks. Love you sis!!!

  3. Aww I'm so sorry about your sweet little pup :( Sounds like she lived a very long and happy life :) and now she's in doggy heaven! Annnd yikes, I don't think I could ever watch a Paranormal Activity movie. They all look wayyyyy too scary!!


  4. Just visiting at the Melissa's (of GFC)suggestion: sorry to hear about Hannah: been there, done that and got the degree (but she sound as though she's had a good life and will definitely be in Doggie Heaven waiting to greet you - when you get there!) I'm a little further along life's pathway, so I can assure you that it's true!

    Never watch scary films (wouldn't have got to the Third Age if I had - I'd recommend Disney (although they can be scary sometimes too) any time. I had a whale of a time as a blonde: you have an excuse to be ditsy, but it's easier being one's natural colour, plus a whole lot cheaper.

    Will be following you - hope to see you at mine sometime too. All the best. Isobel

  5. a. Sorry about your pup! Poor thing. My heart is with you on that. It's tough losing a friend.
    b. Your hair looks great either way. Personally...I'm a brunette so I'm a little biased. hehe.
    c. Paranormal Activity 4?? You are much braver than I!!
    d. Yayyyyy weekend and birthday week!

    Just visiting from Melissa's blog and I am definitely a new follower. You are just so dern cute and I love the bangs!
    Come visit when you can!

  6. Definitely brown hair with your front fringe.. I just came across your blog and was looking through your archives. The brown hair, front fringe (or bangs as you Americans call it) look great on you!

  7. NEw follower here! :) Love the blog and your format. Have you had it awhile, is that why you want a new one? I do as well, but never seem to get around to it. lol! My Boy is coming into town this weekend as well! yay! :) Hope you have a good sunday!

  8. I adore your blog. So glad I came across it. It makes me want to be in college again.

    Brani Laine



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