Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Week & a HUGE GIVEAWAY

I can't believe Thanksgiving break is already over! It always goes by so fast.  But since I was a little MIA last week, I thought I'd share some pictures!!
There was lots of food eating, Black Friday shopping, birthday celebrating, Christmas decorating, movie watching, baby holding, corn hole playing, & hanging lizards from people's ears during my week.

Clearly my week was full of randomness! But now for something even MORE exciting!!
Go enter Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife's GIVEAWAY!
She gathered all her sponsors and friends together to create a GIVEAWAY worth $300!!!
Perfect timing since Christmas is right around the corner.

So STOP reading. GO enter. NOW.

Prizes Include: 
The Vintage Modern Wife- $10 shop credit to Vintage Modern Moments
Vintage Sunshine- 3" Ornament Hoop and 1 month medium ad space
Maddux Monologues- $25 Target Gift Card
Tales of a Twenty Something- 2 months large ad space
Ramblings of a Southern Belle- $20 Amazon gift card
A Bunch of my Nonsense- 1 month medium ad space
Kaitlin Leigh's- $10 target gift card
A Happy Wife in New Orleans- 1 month medium ad space, $10 Starbucks gift card
Island Living with One Haole Girl- 2 months large ad space
Houtz House Party- Mary Kay Satin Hands Set
Yours Truly- Custom blog post signature
Marcy's Mustache Diaries- 1 month medium ad space, $10 Starbucks gift card
Texas Lovebirds- 1 month large ad space with guest post
Green House on the Hill- 1 month large ad space
Berice Baby- 3 months 200x200 ad space
That's What She Said- 1 month large ad space, $10 Target ad space
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  1. your weekend looks fun! filled with holiday cheer, it is the best time of year!

  2. Your pictures look like so much fun! Except that lizard -- yuck. lol.
    by the way, you have word verification turned on which makes it difficult to comment. just thought I'd let ya know!

  3. You look gorgeous, loved that polka dot sweater! The lizard on the ear though? Oh my gosh. I would freak out haha.

  4. JUST found your blog- you are sooo stinking cute, sister!! Newest follower.. anddd newest Instagram follower, of course!!



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