Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays (Blogger and 'N SYNC Style)

Let's get serious for a moment, shall we?
We all clearly still reminiscence on the good ole' days,
when the Holidays came around and we popped our *NSYNC Christmas CD into the player.
Switched to Track 04 and sang our little hearts out to Happy Holidays.

Who am I kidding? I still do that!

Well, what better way to spread Holiday Cheer then by bringing all these amazing BLOGGERS together for y'all to hear. (Okay okay, we're lip syncing, but close enough right?)

Like what you see?! Here's a list of all the talented ladies who participated in this shin dig:

Genna from Freed At Last
Holly Jean from Perfectly Imperfect
Meghan from Shine On
Micah from Unabashedly Me
Sar from Life of Love
Sarah J from Sunlight After Rain
Sarah S from Scissors And A Whisk
Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife

Happy Holidays!


  1. This is pretty amazing.
    Hahaha, LOVE! =)

  2. Kind of my fave thing ever! So awesome haha
    XO, Kelsey

  3. YOU HAVE THE CUTEST BLOG! Love it so much! And I love that we got to meet through the video! So cute :)

  4. BAHAHAH! This is tooooo cute! <3

    New follower here!! Thanks for hosting in the iPad mini giveaway ;)


  5. that video is hysterical.
    i'm down for any mariah xmas songs or nsync. i draw the line at anything other than that.

  6. Hey, I saw the video on Micah's blog and have to tell ya your dog made me laugh so hard I cried. I have 2 Doxies so I have a soft spot. :-)

  7. AHHH! This is amazing! I love it. Ya'll did so good:)

  8. Oh my gosh! This just made my day :-). So, so fun! Merry Christmas to you!

  9. I LOVE IT!!!! I would have totally thrown down on this...I especially love how Ellie is attacking you & Seth instead of participating...looks like Marcy....

  10. THE BEST EVER. You guys are awesome possum!

  11. LOVE this video!
    I'm a new follower. ;)

  12. This totally made my day! I love it! :)

    I'm a new follower :)

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