Monday, January 14, 2013

Hallie's Engagement

Happy Monday!! I can't wait for you to read

I met my fiance in the summer of 2010. I was moving to Florida from Minnesota and knew absolutely NOBODY! I was so nervous to get down to a place I had never been before and be all alone. So I turned to the horrible dreaded dating websites to try to find some friends. I never had any intentions of finding a boyfriend, or someone to get involved with. I just wanted to meet some people who could introduce me to the town and show me around. That was when I met Porter. 

We started talking, and I told him about moving down and knowing nobody, and he offered to show me around town. He had lived in Sarasota his whole life and knew the place like the back of his hand. He was such a doll. Our talking turned in to daily, than hourly, and by the time I had my car packed ready to go we were texting by the minute. After all the countless phone calls, skype dates, and thousands of texts I was so ready to meet this boy who, I am not going to lie, I was definitely falling for. I kept telling myself the whole 27 hour ride down there that I needed to not go in to this about him. I really needed to find myself in this trip, after all, that's why I decided to move. I always needed to make sure that my priorities came first, and finding the right guy would come when the time was right. 

I arrived in Florida at midnight on September 27th, 2010. I drove directly past my new apartment and right to the beach to meet this incredible guy.

a) thinking about it now, I just told myself my priorities needed to be straight, driving straight to the beach after driving 27 straight hours. Not very smart. 
b) I am meeting a guy, at midnight, in a town I barley know. I was so dumb.

but it turned out amazing! We walked the beach, talked like we knew each other forever and I had a constant smile. He had always told me that whenever the time was right to have a first kiss it needed to be special.. He grabbed my hand led me up to the red lifeguard stand over looking the entire beach and the crashing waves and kissed me for the first time, and I fell head over heels for that boy at that very second.

Fast forward through a new house, a new puppy, and a year and half later.

On March 7th, Porter asked me to walk the beach. It was a perfect night out and he was feeling energetic. I thought it was weird but I never turn down a walk on the beach! He told me he had to use the bathroom and than we would go. At this point I had though countless times that he would propose at certain moments and always let myself down. So at this point I was over expecting a ring. We hopped in the car, and headed on our way. When we arrived the moon was so bright and the night was incredibly perfect! He told me he wanted to head to the lifeguard stand because had not been there since our first kiss. He once again grabbed my hand and led me up to the red lifeguard stand. We watched the waves crash against the shore with the big, bright moon and a clear night sky. He gave a little tug on my shirt, I swatted him away, because well, he picks on me all the time and after a second, little more forceful tug I turned around to the moment I had been waiting for my whole life. My handsome 6 foot 5 boyfriend was sitting there on his knee with a ring box. 

The moment I saw that sight I lost it, I couldn't honestly even tell you what he said, I am not even sure if the words "will you marry me?" ever left his mouth, because I started hysterically crying and saying "yes!!!" He presented me with his grandmother's ring, which didn't even need to be sized as it fit PERFECTLY! That is some glass slipper stuff right there, and obviously his grams and me had some gooooood fingers! :) It's amazing and a honor to be able to wear this ring. Not only as a symbol that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, and soul mate. It also symbolizes the eternal love of Porter's grandparents who I have heard nothing but good things about, I am a very very very lucky girl!


  1. Hallie, this is the best proposal story ever! OMG I have chills. Sooo perfect. And yes, total glass slipper moment that the ring fit! So excited for you! XO

  2. You are the best! Thanks so much for allowing me to share my love story wit all of your readers:):)

  3. There were definitely tears on this end. This is so so romantic. AH! I love it.

  4. ohhhh gorgeous ring, happy ending!!

  5. Go Hallie! Seriously such a cute story, and beautiful ring! :)



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