Friday, January 11, 2013

Melissa's Engagement

Heyyyyy. I'm Melissa from Persnickety Plates stopping by to share my engagement story with you guys.

First, congrats to Kaitlin!! Having a secret photographer?! That was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 
And the pictures look like scenes from a movie. Gorgeous.

My story was quite a few years ago already & there was no photographer. And it was in my living room. But  it still makes me happy so I'm excited to tell it.

It was Halloween 2008. I came home from work to a large box (that I thought had come in the mail) 
filled with the following:

First I opened the bride & groom dolls (which is actually a quinceanera doll - he couldn't find a brunette bride!) I was confused. Then I opened the picture of him holding a ring box. 
When I turned around, Mr. was on his knee holding the ring. =)

Though I kinda knew it was coming (I might have gotten a manicure the day before in anticipation...ha), I was still surprised and excited that he put the whole thing together. I had nothing to do with picking out my ring and I think that made it even more special. 

Here's a selfiee we took, right after.

And here's a couple of my favorite professional engagement photos. I JUST realized we wore the same colors for our engagement pics that we did on the day we got engaged. haha

Congrats again, Kaitlin! Happy wedding planning! It's a lot of fun =)


  1. The dolls was such a neat idea! Congrats to you guys!

    love how he planned it and the dolls are so creative!

  3. Oh my gosh, how creative he is! I love the ring too!

  4. Thanks, ladies. & thanks for having me, Kaitlin! =)



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