Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sarah's Engagement

School starts Monday.  Only ONE more semester & then..
I graduate.
I get to be near family again.
I will no longer be dating Seth LONG DISTANCE.

So with me soaking up as much family/friend time and then moving back to school and getting started, I asked a few of my favorite ladies to share their engagement stories with you for the next week or so. I'm personally all about weddings these days..
1) Because I want to be a Wedding Planner & love hearing everyone's story

So meet sweet Sarah from Love, Sarah K!!

So...I decided to share my story with you!
I wish I could say that my proposal was one from a fairy tale book, but it wasn't.
I wanted it be cleverly thought out and with all my friends present. Yeah, right!

I was really adamant that my husband ask my parents for my hand in marriage. (You know, the old fashioned way)

Thursday night:
He did, but he called my MOM, who isn't the best person to keep a secret. He really should have called my DAD. My mom told my grandma who got excited and told the rest of the extended family in Georgia. I still had no clue that he even asked.

Sunday morning: (3 days later)
Text from cousin in GA: "SARAH! I heard you're engaged!" 
Me: "What?? I'm not engaged!"
(Okay, now when I tell you that I'm not engaged, you should really stop talking, but NO she kept going)
Cousin: "Yeah, I heard your bf bought you a ring."
(WHAT THE... Why would you tell me that he bought me a ring??)
(Conclusion: We're the same age and she's always been a step ahead of me in life and now it was my turn! I was getting married first. She was jealous and sabotaged my moment)
Me:  "Uh... Thanks a lot. I had no idea." 
She then calls me and says, "OMG! I didn't mean to ruin it for you. Your mom called all of us to tell us that you were engaged and that your bf bought the ring."
(Yeah right, liar!)

If I got engaged I'd totally tell my family first. Why did she have to open her mouth???

I guess I could have kept it a secret, but I was fuming! I blurted it out to Hyung that I knew he bought a ring. Now he was devastated b/c it ruined the moment. He said the element of surprise was gone and no matter what he planned I would know when the proposal was coming.
Well, now that the cat was out of the bag, I told Hyung to just hand over the ring b/c there was no point in waiting for a proposal to happen, but he said no.

Here's how he ended up proposing. We were making dinner at my house. I was in sweats and a long sleeve shirt. We had just finished eating when my mother-in-law calls me with, "DID HE PROPOSE YET?"
Hyung over hears and rolls his eyes. I laugh and say, "No. He hasn't."
She says, "Well, tell him to hurry up."
And then she hangs up. Foreshadow? I think so. But seriously we can't catch a break!
I'm emotionally exhausted at this point so Hyung gives me a hug. He then starts talking about some sweet things about how much I mean to him... etc... and I still have no idea what he's doing as he fumbles in his pocket. He takes out a velvet box. The pillow cushions from the couch are all over the floor and he clumsily props his knee on the pillow and asks me to marry him.
In that moment I should have yelled, "YES!"
Instead I yell, "OMG A RING! GIVE IT TO ME!"
I never responded a straight YES, but I think he knew that's what I meant.
I happily called and texted all my family and friends. Then made it "official" on Facebook!!

Everyone laughs when they hear our story... It really wasn't a fairy tale one, but it's still our proposal. We are not your typical couple if you meet us. And that's how we like it. We aren't good with surprises and I don't think we'll ever be and that's okay. We're Hyung and Sarah, that's how we roll. The most important thing is. . . we got married o9.17.11.


  1. Oh this proposal story! haha :) Thanks for having me Kaitlin!

  2. Haha still better than mine! At least he tried!

    1. Really? I thought mine was pretty crazy. What about you?

  3. Haha still better than mine! At least he tried!

  4. That really stinks that your cousin ruined the surprise. I wonder what he had all planned out originally.

    1. I think he was just starting to plan it out and get together with some friends and such, but I think the ruined surprise ruined it for him too. :(

  5. i'm sure he had every intention on your purposal to be extra special, but in every way its unique and special to you!!!



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