Monday, March 25, 2013

Whale Kisses

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So earlier last week I decided I wanted to do something special for Seth. I thought about surprising him with some brand new video games and a case of his favorite drink, and letting him dedicate his weekend to sitting on his caboose and racing, shooting, killing who knows what on that bright little screen.
(I'm pretty sure the only game I really truly know how to play is Mario Kart on the Wii. Oh! & the Lion King game back on the old super Nintendo!)

Well, the weather had been beautiful the past couple weekends. Warm, sunshine-yy, too beautiful to sit indoors. So I thought to myself, what could we do that's outside and fun!?
Well I only had to think about it for 2 seconds until it hit me.
Sea World.

I had to ruin the element of Surprise by making sure he wanted to go because it's definitely not the cheapest place to spend your Saturday at. Turns out, Seth has never been to Sea World. Boom.
Right after those words left his mouth, I figured he had no choice but to go now.
(Don't worry, he was super excited to go)

Now let me tell you, Sea World tickets are usually $60 a person, unless there is some online discount, your a season pass holder, or you purchase some package deal.. So where to get discount tickets?
Try HEB! I went this weekend and of course they didn't have this upcoming seasons discounted tickets yet but they assured me they'll be there soon. Usually the discount is you pay for two days at the park for the price of one!!

Okay, back to our weekend.
Just my luck, we wake up Saturday and head off to Sea World, when all of a sudden, what do you know, rain clouds are hovering over the entire park. Of course I was getting upset because not only was it about to rain, but it's windy, and chilly! We came in shorts and tank tops. Fail.

But we decided to make the best of it! Now, off to feed the sea lions!

 Our first show was filled with sea lions, otters, and holy moly a gigantic walrus!
Between them doing handstands, and back flips, and even the walrus rolled on its back, put its hands? flippers? something behind his head and NO JOKE started doing sit ups! What's really cool, is after the show you get to go feed the sea lions! For anyone who is thinking about doing this in the future, most of the feeding sessions do cost money! Feeding a handful of fish was about $5.

Oh! how could I forget sharing this.. My camera caught him blowing a kiss to the crowd.

What was great about this trip was that the weather was supposed to be awful that there was really not that many people in the park. So surprise surprise, we headed off to ride FRONT ROW on the Steel Eel.

Now when I came to Sea World, many many years ago, I remember waiting in long lines for almost 2 hours just to ride this ride front row. We lucked out. There wasn't even enough people there to fill up the roller coaster. Front row it is baby. ( If you plan on going to Sea World, and love fast, exhilarating, makes your eyes water, roller coasters, then this is the ride for you.)

Next we went to see Sea World's newest show, Azul. It featured dolphins, beluga whales, acrobats, synchronized swimmers,& tropical birds. I would have to say the best part was the dolphins, only because I had no idea they could do front flips, let alone, synchronized front flips. Normally you want to get to these shows 30 minutes early, then you have to sit there and wait wait wait. False! (Well you did have to wait, but they had a pre-show, and let me tell you.. it doesn't matter if you sit on the first row or the fifteenth. You will get wet!)

Now comes one of my FAVORITE parts of the ENTIRE DAY. Seth and I had been debating the night before on where to eat lunch. They have little restaurants filled with your typical theme park food, hot dogs, pizza, chicken tenders, etc. Well turns out we weren't eating theme park food for lunch. Seth had reserved a private dining lunch with Shamu and the trainers! You can sign up for this online, and I would suggest you do it in advance, because it's only once a day, very very limited seats, and they fill up fast!

Now this is what we got to do. Right behind Shamu's theatre where he and the other whales perform, is the trainers pool. They set up a few table around this trainers pool and you literally have a tiny rope running along the pool (obviously so you don't cross it) that devides you and these beautiful creatures. Our lunch was buffett style, between ribs, chicken, salad, bbq, all kinds of desserts and sweets, and food for the youngins. As we ate, we could watch the whales swim (yes they put more than one in there) and the trainers walked around and interacted with us, answering questions and talking about what they do on a day to day basis.

Then came the best part. They put on a mini show for us! We got to see Shamu and the others up close! They preform and pose for pictures!! Then they had one other special treat! They have a baby killer whale and her trainer just so happened to be there when we were eating. So she brought out the baby whale for all of us to see! This lunch is a MUST if you get that chance. It's about $36 per adult and something I will never ever forget. 

The surprises didn't stop there. I had signed up for a exclusive tour that only happens once during the day where we get to interact with dolphins and beluga whales! This tour costs $40 per person! Now what we didn't realize was not only do you get to interact with them, but you get a free picture with them, and special seating to the Azul show! (oops we already saw it) So we met the dolphins first. Over course they had to warn us that the dolphins sometimes splash (but it's rare they splash the people) Well it was our lucky day. Out of the 15 peoples who were in the group, Seth and I were up in front taking a picture and the dolphin decided to soak us!! Just our luck.

After interacting with the dolphins we headed to our seats to watch Azul again! Of course, while the entire show was going on I just wanted it to end so we could meet the beluga whales.
Here's where it got fun!
We got kissed by a beluga whale!!!!!!
This experience is something I don't think we will ever forget!

Here was a pic I took at the Shark Tank aquarium!

We needed a ice cream break, because what do you know... THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!!

Alright alright, last but not least, we went to see the Shamu Rocks show. YOU MUST MUST MUST SEE THIS. It played at 8:30 which I know can be late for little kids when you've been there all day, but you HAVE to stay. 

Let me tell you... We went to a different Shamu show earlier that afternoon. Sat in the sam exact FRONT ROW seat.. Didn't get a drop of water on us..

Then came the big flip..

We were SOAKED!!  But it didn't stop there. They had him turn around and splash his tale another TWO times. Last show of the day, and we came out with not a single dry spot on our bodies. (If you sit ANYWHERE in the first 15 rows in the stadium, you will not come out of it dry)

This was probably our FAVORITE show of the entire day! Well worth the wait!

We made so many memories this weekend! It couldn't have been any more perfect!!

(sorry for the novel)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

salty air sandy hair

Someone please take me back to the beach, grab me a drink, and turn on some tunes.

Why can't I be back in PCB instead of working on a research paper, a presentation, and studying for a test. Literally, this week is a let down.

PCB was still a blast! Seth was lucky to take off a few days since he has to save most of them for our honeymoon this year!! We packed the car up, kissed the dogs goodbye, and set out on our 10 hour drive.

Margaritaville was first on our list. We couldn't go to PCB without getting a landshark and a cheeseburger in paradise!!

Laying out on the porch is always fun. (It was kind of a bummer that the first day was so windy that it was actually "cold" outside, so the beach was a no go) But hey! A girl has to work on her tan somehow.

Oh! If you ever get hungry, and want something besides Mc-eee-deess, or chick-fil-a, go to Liza's Kitchen! Best sandwiches ever.

We did have one AHHH-MAZZZZING beach day. We ran into my two of my friends from high-school and  went to a FREE Randy Rogers Band concert on the beach. SERIOUSLY. It was perfect weather, great friends, good tunes. Perfection.

But of course, our last day had to filled with thunderstorms and clouds. Seth turned our day around though by taking us to Ripley's Believe It or Not! That Titanic replica you see above is made entirely out of matches. Insane. I know.

We had a short trip, but between shopping, laying out, and hanging with friends, I would say it was successful!

Now who wants to take me back?!

Monday, March 18, 2013

No Luke! You shake it for me!

My weekend was full of surprises..

I went to get my hair colored Friday afternoon. Went in showing a picture of a girl with ALL BLONDE HAIR. Needless to say.. I came out with 90% of my hair still brown and the other 10% highlighted blonde.  FAIL. Apparently the guy didn't feel the need to tell me he couldn't make my hair the color I actually wanted it, the first time around. (Don't you just hate when hairdresser's do that. Poop.) Any who, here's how my hair turned out..

After the hair fiasco, I met with Seth and his parents for a yummy dinner. Nothing better than spending your Friday night with good food and great people! 

Now before I start with Saturday.. let me just say..
I have lived in Texas for most my life... and JUST NOW bought a pair of cowgirl boots.
Lessoned learned... Don't spend ALL DAY walking the rodeo, and having STANDING ROOM ONLY for a concert and not wear SOCKS WITH BRAND NEW BOOTS.
My feet hate me right now. Ugh.
Someone needs to warn a girl to ALWAYS wear socks with  new boots.

It's all good though. Luke Bryan made up for my sore tootsies by dancing and jammin' out on that stage. Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to see him in concert.. GO! Great performer, great entertainer, and not half bad to look at. 

Here are a few other fun pictures from the Rodeo!

As for Sunday.. I had no clue it was St. Patty's Day. Luckily my mom was prepared! (Aren't all moms?!)  Ellie Bear wasn't too thrilled to dress up. But like every holiday.. we tend to make our dogs go all out rather than us..

Then I surprised Seth, & we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful in 3D XD!!!! Holy Smokes!! If you haven't seen that movie. Go see it NOW! You MUST MUST MUST see it in 3D. Must must must. 

We always have these little props in our movie theaters. Seth couldn't resist.

We ended our St. Patty's Day chowing down on some spicy crawfish, slurping some festive drinks, and hanging with family and friends.
I'd say my weekend was pretty eventful.

How was yours?!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey!! It's Okay.

One more day. One more day. That's all I can keep telling myself. One more day. Then it's VACAYYY time. Poor Thursday. I never really get excited for you. As soon as you get here, I'm always on a rant about how excited I' am for Friday. Oopsiesss.

It's Okay though, Thursday.

It's Okay..

to pretend to text so you don't have to talk to that person you're not really friends with but really just sits next to you in class.

to love those zero spending weekends at your parents house. Thanks Mom & Dad.

to be in SPRING BREAK PCB mode as of two weeks ago.. paleness be gone.

to switch off INSTANTLY when someone says "So today at work I.."

to wish someone else could do your homework for you.

to completely freak out when you delete the LAST episode of Vanderpump Rules before even watching it.

to do crunches during commercial breaks for one show and call it a "work out."

to color your hair even though you have changed it three times in the last 2 months. Whoops.

to wish you could switch places with your dogs because their life just seems SOOO much easier.

to demand to be taken off speakerphone.

to secretly steal cute outfit ideas from all those cool preteens on the street.

to begin thinking about lunch around 9:55 A.M.

to try "cooking" for your fiance, even though the FANCIEST thing you made him was SLOPPY JOES.

Its Ok Thursdays

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Relationships aren't perfect

Who ever said relationships were easy are seriously mistaken.

I used to associate relationship only with things like happiness, fun, easy-going, drama free, and the biggest word.. perfect. I thought relationships were supposed to be perfect. No one ever would fight, the two would love each other, spend every day together, get married, grow old together, live happily ever after.

Boy was I an idiot.

No relationship is perfect.
You're probably reading this thinking "No duh, Kaitlin."
But seriously, I'm not just sitting here in la la land , I know relationships aren't perfect. I know nothing is perfect, but I strive to make it that way. If there is an issue, I want it addressed, fixed , not to happen again. I want perfect.

It's not gonna happen. Relationships need tender love and care. Relationships need time. They need patience. Communicaton. They need us to be understanding. To compromise. To sometimes let the other person win ( stop feeling like you're always right.) 

I can't say my relationship is perfect.

I don't think anyone out there can. If you can, share you secret, please?

What I do know, is I have my very best friend to work with me, to help me become a better me, to understand, to guide, to help me back up when I'm down. I need to realize how blessed I 'am. To have someone who would never leave. 

Sometimes I need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and just let the little things go.
Take each bump in the road as a learning experience, something we grow and overcome.

I need to stop being so emotional. 

I love my relationship, even though it's not perfect. I strive to make my relationship the best it can be, to make him the happiest he can be, to make us the best we can be.

In the end..
I'm not perfect. Nor do I want to be.

*Sorry for the ramblings. This might be a big mumbo jumbo of words that really don't make sense.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday Friends!

I had a fantastic weekend & just had to share! 
Let me start out by saying.. I cooked! I actually cooked! 
I surprised Seth on his drive up to visit me and prepared him one heck of a meal..
You might not think that's anything fantastic, but listen here.. most people know I can boil water, make Spongebob Mac N' Cheese, & heat up Dino nuggets. So the fact that I had to cook meat (not out of a can) and all that jazz, was a BIG deal. & THEN...
I surprised him & made him a breakfast casserole the next morning! Cooking that Jimmy Dean sausage like a pro I tell you. Okay, okay, now to stop bragging about my amazing cooking skills..


This weekend, we had PERFECT weather. Sunny, a bit cool, and no humidity.
We spent our day our in Gruene with some of our favessss and let me tell you, we had a blast.

Lots and lots and lots of antique shopping, steak eating, music listening, ice cream licking, and oh, more shopping.. may have taken place.

There may or may not have been a man cave in one of the boutiques where they offer the men a place to watch the game and have FREE beer while their ladies shopped. These boys INSTANTLY  planted their butts and weren't planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

If you ever get the chance to go to Gruene.. DO IT.

As for our Sunday, we pretty much spent the day devouring sushi, seeing Argo and Dark Skies, & hanging with the dogs at the dog park..

Here's little miss Ellie Bear

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happiesss this & Crappiesss that.

Let's get these CRAPPIES over with shall we?

1. Excuse me Pretty Little Liars, but I spent my Wednesday catching up on you, and if you did what I think you did in the last half of this week's episode, I will be utterly pissed, probably through a hissy fit, and refuse to watch the show (although secretly still watch it because as well all know, it's just plain ADDICTING.) But seriously, TAKE IT BACK.

2. Hulu Plus, you have let me down. All I wanted to do was watch American Horror Story: Asylum. But NOOOOO, you just didn't want to make Kaitlin happy this week?! ( Did I just result to talking in third person?) Poop.

3. Downton Abbey. I just wasted my life away watching all your seasons. Bawled my eyes out on the last episode. Okay, now make a new season. Like... now. This girl's impatient.

4. Clearly I have a t.v. show addiction and that's probably a crappieeee in some way or another.

5. Go away cold weather. You suck.

So my CRAPPIESSSS all involved t.v. for the most part, so I'm guessing my week wasn't THAT bad.

Happiessssss time. Happiesss time.

1. Spring Break is only 1 WEEK AWAY. PCB, here we come baby!

2. Seth and I  took our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!

3.  Managed to not spill coffee on myself all week.

4. Won a Starbucks gift card. Holla.

5. Planning adventures at Gruene and FINALLY going to eat the Gristmill this weekend.

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