Friday, March 1, 2013

Happiesss this & Crappiesss that.

Let's get these CRAPPIES over with shall we?

1. Excuse me Pretty Little Liars, but I spent my Wednesday catching up on you, and if you did what I think you did in the last half of this week's episode, I will be utterly pissed, probably through a hissy fit, and refuse to watch the show (although secretly still watch it because as well all know, it's just plain ADDICTING.) But seriously, TAKE IT BACK.

2. Hulu Plus, you have let me down. All I wanted to do was watch American Horror Story: Asylum. But NOOOOO, you just didn't want to make Kaitlin happy this week?! ( Did I just result to talking in third person?) Poop.

3. Downton Abbey. I just wasted my life away watching all your seasons. Bawled my eyes out on the last episode. Okay, now make a new season. Like... now. This girl's impatient.

4. Clearly I have a t.v. show addiction and that's probably a crappieeee in some way or another.

5. Go away cold weather. You suck.

So my CRAPPIESSSS all involved t.v. for the most part, so I'm guessing my week wasn't THAT bad.

Happiessssss time. Happiesss time.

1. Spring Break is only 1 WEEK AWAY. PCB, here we come baby!

2. Seth and I  took our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!

3.  Managed to not spill coffee on myself all week.

4. Won a Starbucks gift card. Holla.

5. Planning adventures at Gruene and FINALLY going to eat the Gristmill this weekend.

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


  1. Gruene and Gristmill... I am so jealous! Eat something wonderful and buy some antiques for me while you are there!!!

    1. I definitely wilL! I can't believe this my first time going..

  2. I have a TV addiction to I think... haha, too cute :)


  3. yay for pictures and starbucks!!

  4. I love the engagement pictures you have shown us! Soooo cute! PLL? Yeah. Agreed. Take it back right MEOW! Everyone talks about Downton Abbey. I must watch!

    XO, Kelsey

    1. You must watch Downton Abbey! You'll get hooked! I know I did.



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