Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Relationships aren't perfect

Who ever said relationships were easy are seriously mistaken.

I used to associate relationship only with things like happiness, fun, easy-going, drama free, and the biggest word.. perfect. I thought relationships were supposed to be perfect. No one ever would fight, the two would love each other, spend every day together, get married, grow old together, live happily ever after.

Boy was I an idiot.

No relationship is perfect.
You're probably reading this thinking "No duh, Kaitlin."
But seriously, I'm not just sitting here in la la land , I know relationships aren't perfect. I know nothing is perfect, but I strive to make it that way. If there is an issue, I want it addressed, fixed , not to happen again. I want perfect.

It's not gonna happen. Relationships need tender love and care. Relationships need time. They need patience. Communicaton. They need us to be understanding. To compromise. To sometimes let the other person win ( stop feeling like you're always right.) 

I can't say my relationship is perfect.

I don't think anyone out there can. If you can, share you secret, please?

What I do know, is I have my very best friend to work with me, to help me become a better me, to understand, to guide, to help me back up when I'm down. I need to realize how blessed I 'am. To have someone who would never leave. 

Sometimes I need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and just let the little things go.
Take each bump in the road as a learning experience, something we grow and overcome.

I need to stop being so emotional. 

I love my relationship, even though it's not perfect. I strive to make my relationship the best it can be, to make him the happiest he can be, to make us the best we can be.

In the end..
I'm not perfect. Nor do I want to be.

*Sorry for the ramblings. This might be a big mumbo jumbo of words that really don't make sense.


  1. I can be a perfectionist about my relationship too. As long as he's willing to work on it as much as you are, you are in a good place :)

  2. ha! oh man, they are not perfect. but i like to think that mine is perfectly imperfect and i wouldn't have us any other way, flaws and all!
    kw, ladies in navy

  3. in my relationship, I'm the one that freaks out. B is the steady one who calms me down. we work well together. nothing on this earth is perfect, but I love him

  4. I agree! I always thought relationships are supposed to be perfect, but no one is! We just have to remember to communicate the best we can to grow!

  5. So funny, I just wrote an article about this! you should check it out :) http://www.startmarriageright.com/2013/03/the-newlywed-learning-curve/

    xo C

  6. UGH! I'm so thankful you wrote this--seriously, it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I'm struggling with this right now...and I know God is working on me. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. This makes PERFECT sense to me. Amen, sister. It's all about how you choose to deal with the imperfections, in my opinion:)

  8. I don't think you're lame for thinking that WHATSOEVER. Seriously, I love how real you are. I love how people can relate to this. No relationship is perfect. Not one. But the best thing you can do is serve them. I honestly & truthfully believe that whole-heartedly.


  9. and why can't relationships be perfect??! wouldn't it be nice? Sometimes it is hard to remember that things aren't always perfect

  10. you're definitely not alone in thinking this! but actually I'd go even farther - I don't think relationships are perfect from the start, but in working hard to make it perfect you get there together and that's even more wonderful than having been there all along :)

  11. you're right- no relationship is perfect. what makes it easier though is communication, and really thinking to yourself (when you fight): is this really worth fighting over? will this matter to me in one week or two weeks? i, myself, am incredibly stubborn and one thing i do is try to not get into my "stubborn place" when we argue and completely shut down. it's hard work, but it helps. also, i think that yelling makes fighting so much worse. when we fight, if mathew raises his voice, i let him know that it's not appropriate and undeserving. it definitely puts us in check and saves for a more respectful conversation.



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