Tuesday, March 19, 2013

salty air sandy hair

Someone please take me back to the beach, grab me a drink, and turn on some tunes.

Why can't I be back in PCB instead of working on a research paper, a presentation, and studying for a test. Literally, this week is a let down.

PCB was still a blast! Seth was lucky to take off a few days since he has to save most of them for our honeymoon this year!! We packed the car up, kissed the dogs goodbye, and set out on our 10 hour drive.

Margaritaville was first on our list. We couldn't go to PCB without getting a landshark and a cheeseburger in paradise!!

Laying out on the porch is always fun. (It was kind of a bummer that the first day was so windy that it was actually "cold" outside, so the beach was a no go) But hey! A girl has to work on her tan somehow.

Oh! If you ever get hungry, and want something besides Mc-eee-deess, or chick-fil-a, go to Liza's Kitchen! Best sandwiches ever.

We did have one AHHH-MAZZZZING beach day. We ran into my two of my friends from high-school and  went to a FREE Randy Rogers Band concert on the beach. SERIOUSLY. It was perfect weather, great friends, good tunes. Perfection.

But of course, our last day had to filled with thunderstorms and clouds. Seth turned our day around though by taking us to Ripley's Believe It or Not! That Titanic replica you see above is made entirely out of matches. Insane. I know.

We had a short trip, but between shopping, laying out, and hanging with friends, I would say it was successful!

Now who wants to take me back?!


  1. Oh my gosh that bathing suit top is to die for! Where is it from?!

    1. It's from American Eagle! Not super expensive and in differen't colors!!

  2. Awww looks like so much fun!! :) I wanna goooooo!


  3. That sounds so nice! I have always wanted to go to PCB. Heck, I will go just about anywhere with a beach! Loving what I can see of your bathing suit-it's so cute!

    XO, Kelsey



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