Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, how Pinteresting {Home Inspiration}

My life for the next 5 months:
 -Graduate College
-Move back home (NO more long distance relationship)
-Start my internship planning people's weddings.
-Get a new apartment for when Seth & I are married.
-Get a job.
-Somewhere in the midst of all that mumbo jumbo, plan OUR wedding.
-Get married.
-Start our new life together. (I'm going to be a wifey!!)

So with all that said and done. For some reason I have more focused on our new apartment home and how we can decorate it. So this weeks pins are focused on decorating ideas and home inspiration.

Right now we're loving the idea of an all white bedroom and Seth making a wooden headboard.
Yay! More DIY projects!!

Lately i've been in LOVE with chalkboards and calligraphy! Not only are these signs beautiful for weddings but I love the idea of having one in our home where we can decorate it with holiday themes, cute quotes, menu ideas, etc.  Anyone know where I can learn calligraphy!? I'm serious..

I feel like all newlyweds need one of these pillows somewhere in their new home. 

As you know, Seth and I have two dogs. One thing i've been working on is teaching them how to sleep in their own dog beds rather than in bed with me. So far the transition has been successful, but I really hate how their beds don't match anything in the room. Then I saw this pin and absolutely fell in love with the idea of making a dog bed! Plus, it would go great if we stained it to match our future wooden headboard!!

I think we just need this. Yup. DEFINITELY need this.


  1. Love the calligraphy, so pretty! And that doormat makes me laugh :)

  2. So cute how you have everything planned--- Oh how I remember young love-- congrats on everything and believe me once you start planning for your new home-- you won't be able to stop! Love the burlap Mr. & Mrs. pillows

    Chene of Southern Girl Blog Community

    Also I hope you can stop by and join me for That's Fresh Friday!

  3. very cute! i am going to have to do this now! :)

    come check out my blog at

    I actually have a giveaway going on!!!



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