Friday, May 3, 2013

Happies & Crappies {Link Up}

Talk about the happies in my week overpowering the crappies.
As I type this post, I'm downing my third cup of coffee. (& I doubt i'll stop there)

Happie: Well first things first. Last night Seth & I went to the midnight premiere of Iron Man 3!! Hello, Robert Downey Jr.  This movie is a MUST see. I'm surprised I stayed awake the entire movie since I'm usually like an old lady now and in bed by 10.. But these Iron man movies never fail to be just as good as the last. (Now, time to take another sip of coffee.)

Crappie: I have ONE more final left in my college career. Okay, maybe in a way that's really a happie? But at this point, i'm burnt out and ready to graduate. Final , Schminal. Who wants to take another test? Not me.

Happie: I'm giving away an anthropologie mug over at Caitlin's blog, Fierce, Fabulous, and Fit !!

Happie: I'm loving Francesca's lately! Seth and I unfortunately haven't planned much or made many decisions for our wedding but we did decide on ONE THING. We want to have a thumbprint tree guest book for our outdoor wedding and a tiny guest book for guests to sign their name. Well, of all people, Seth found these while we were shopping in Francesca's the other day. Perfect wooden pencils for the guests to use when signing! Now all I need is a cute mason jar or wooden box to display them in..

Crappie: Honestly, we haven't done much more planning than that. We've been slackers lately (or maybe I just can't commit to anything because there are so many ideas running through my head!) BUT in one week we will finally be in the same area and can get on the ball!!

Crappie: Earlier this week I went to stay with one of my besties, Chelsea, who lives in Austin,TX. (No, hanging with her was not a crappie, but returning to her home after running a few errands to find someone had broken in was..) Of course she called 9-1-1 and from there we felt like we were living in a movie. Police yelling in the house for people to show them selves, guns, kicking down doors shower curtains.. the whole shabiel. Luckily nothing was taken and they were there to check the house.

Happie: This past week, Seth and I spent our weekend with Chelsea  in Austin, and it was an absolute blast. Just a few places you should eat at if you're ever in the area..

Guero's - it's an amazing Mexican food restaurant that has the best food and wonderful prices. Did I mention it's Matthew McConaughey's favorite restaurant!?
Texas Honey Ham Co.- go for breakfast!! I definitely recommend getting the Pig in the Blanket! They take their delicious honey ham and wrap a huge pancake around it. It's delightful. AND affordable.
The Oasis- this is the view in the picture above. The Oasis is absolutely breathtaking. The restaurant itself is multiple stories that looks over Lake Travis.  The food is a little pricey for the small portions but honestly you go for the view and the experience. Definitely go a little before the sunset only because it can get busy there!

Happie: Tomorrow is my first wedding to help as a "Day Of" coordinator. Eeeeek. Super excited.

Happie: Seth and I signed our lease for our brand new apartment home!! We couldn't be more excited, and now all we can think about is how we want to decorate.

Crappie: Texas, what is the deal with the weather? I'm pretty sure last week it was 80 degrees, and this morning it's 50? Seriously, make up your mind. And by that I mean.. go back to being warm, sun-shiney, and bearable. Preesh.

Happie: Seth, Chelsea, and I went to the weiner dog festival with our dogs this past week!!

My vine username is: Kaitlin Leigh

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


  1. I am planning on seeing Iron Man 3 this weekend! So glad you liked it! I also love that Anthro mug! I got one for my birthday this year :o) I am your newest follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Looking forward to following along!

  2. that anthro mug is fabulous ;) sounds like a great start to friday with iron man 3 last night!!

  3. Aww, your dogs look so happy in the video! :)



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