Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with wedding blogs & websites.
I could sit all day, sipping on my warm coffee, all cozied up with a blanket and just read and read and read.

Here are some of my favorites:

And one of my top favessss.... 

& this best thing about reading through the websites/blogs today.. Seth & I are featured on one of them!
So go check out Ruffled and all our engagement pictures I didn't post on the blog, as well as our engagement video!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. wahoo! so exciting! I love wedding blogs even though I already had my wedding :) so excited for you to be featured!! you go girl!

  2. Love reading them too! Thanks for sharing your favs!


    Fierce & Fashionable

  3. Pretty blog! Just started following you! I love weddings too... thank you for sharing your favorites.

  4. Ok I love you already, I am OBSESSED with Ruffled. haha wedding blogs are so amazing, I totally am with you there. Also speaking of amazing things, your blog? K I'm kind of hooked. Your beautiful blog button first pulled me in and now I'm definitely around to stay. You are beautiful my dear and also your blog layout is a-mazing.

  5. I'm obsessed with everything weddings. And it sucks because I'm already married LOL xo

  6. Reading wedding, shopping blogs in blanket is such a nice thing to do in winter:)




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