Thursday, November 7, 2013

Getting Ready

 Spice Girls blaring, nerves kicking in, & the smell of hairspray was taking over that day.

For all of you who don't know, Seth & I got married at a sweet little bed & breakfast near our families home this past september.  We spent nine short  long months planning, preparing, and prepping for our big day.  You can't even begin to imagine how much work and effort  we put into making our vision happen ( seriously, SO MUCH DIY)
But, none the less, our day came, rain teased us before & after, the humidity took over, and the heat settled in, but we made the best of our OUTDOOR wedding (did I mention it's in Texas, where the weather is basically bi-polar?)

I feel like it would be way to difficult to sit here and attempt to type all our favorite details and moments from that day, so what better way than to share some of our favorite pictures and moments?

First up:: Getting Ready/Pre Ceremony

I surprised all the girls the night before with a personalized gift!
I got them blush pink, Southern Comfort tanks with  their monogrammed initials.
For any of you wondering, I  ordered them off Etsy from a girl name Meghan!
Then my sweet maid of honor ended up getting me a white one so we could all match.

Once the girls and I arrived at the venue I surprised them with one more gift!
I got them all personalized cups with either "bridesmaids" or  "mom of the groom" etc, and their names for them to drink out of for the day so they didn't spill on their outfits! I had these cups made by LylaBug Designs . She can do any color combo to match your occasion, she can customize the dresses on the cups, heck, I even think she does other cups with sports teams and other designs.

Meanwhile in the guys room.. 

There was lots of football watching.
I think they were all glued to the t.v. discussing the Tennessee vs. Oregon game 
and the A&M vs. Alabama game. Apparently I picked a bad day to get married since our day interfered with two very important games. Oops.

After some pictures in our shirts and group shots, the girls and I went upstairs to put on my dress & then exchange our wedding gifs.

My dress was designed by Justin Alexander. We bought material and had it added to  my dress for a big bow!

Then came the sweet exchanging of gifts..

Last but certainly not least, we have some of the guys before shots & a few details. 
(There's actually LOTS of details but I'll share some more of those over the next few days.)


  1. Love the photos! I loved all of our getting ready photos from our wedding! Such a fun time!

  2. Your dress is stunning, in fact you all looked amazing on your special day. Can't wait to read more.



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