Friday, November 8, 2013


Time check. 30 minutes before the wedding begins. Deep breaths were taken as I looked outside the window to see it raining. Raining on our outdoor wedding. Raining on all decorations and hard work we had put together. Raining, which meant bringing more humidity. Oh joy, I thought to myself.  Thankfully, my day of wedding planner saved everything. She hustled to move everything out of the rain until it finally stopped about 10 minutes before it was time to start walking down the aisle. 
So Kristin Bone, if you're reading this, thank you thank you thank you.

Lots of tears were shed during our wedding ceremony.
Mainly because Seth just pretty much tugged at everyone's heart strings the second he saw me start walking with my dad down the aisle. (Que the water works) I think him crying was my favorite part of the entire ceremony. It felt so special to know that he cared and loved me that much. 
I know people might say it's silly he's crying, but I truly think it was one of the sweetest things he could have done. 

As for all the decor, it was about 90% DIY. No joke. Between Seth, my mom, and my mother in-law, it was everything I could have ever wanted. I can seriously say that I wouldn't change a thing about my wedding day, and I truly owe it to them.

I absolutely loved the idea of doing a fingerprint guest book, and what better way than having the actual tree we got married under as our picture. I contacted Anna with my idea of having the exact tree with the light strung around it for our thumb print tree and she seriously could not have done a better job. 

Here's a look at our Wedding Party!


  1. All the little touches like the signs and the charm arond the sand bottle make the wedding SO special! I love all your attention to the details really paid off! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous <3

  2. Oh wow... Congratulations! Everything looks lovely! And I especially love your photographer. You also looked lovely that day. :)

    And hello! I am Aileen. Blog hopping and I stumbled upon yours. <3

  3. Hi Kaitlin, just coming back to check out these wonderful photos again. Thank you so much for contacting me about the Thumbprint Tree Guest Book - I absolutely loved drawing it for you and Seth. Love love love the photos and your special day - so beautiful!! xoxo


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